rigid_atoms - Moon Man Gazing at a Distant, Decaying Planet

About ME

As stated on the home page, I'm Judas Drekonym, a 20-year old autistic, non-binary, otherkin freak. My interests lie primarily in video games, especially picking them apart internally. If I can datamine or modify something, I'll like it exponentially more.

I'm a rudimentary programmer, though if I could focus more I'd be more proficient in it, and a diehard advocate for open-source. When I have full control over something's source code, it will be freely available for anyone to use from the start.

For the past few years, I've been collecting lossless audio. I'm not sure exactly anymore why I started doing so, but I know I enjoy having complete control over my music library, so that's certainly why I continue to. I'm happy to help anyone find whatever album they want to download locally, or get people started on their own lossless audio journey!

I consider myself an anarchist, though not a very studied one. Fuck the idea of a state, fuck hierarchy. I know that much, at the very least.

I tend to listen primarily to video game music, with some other things thrown in on occasion, mainly DnB and jungle. I'm fascinated by DnB/jungle vinyls, and I like getting recordings of them in my collection.

Data archival is something I value greatly, because it's so easy for things with worth to people to be lost forever. I think things should be archived even when the original creator wishes otherwise, or would never want the thing being archived to be released publicly. Archival is all-encompassing in my mind, and I know that belief ends up being too extreme for some people. It'll end up getting my ass lit on fire more than once, I'm sure. But I'm willing to face that if it means something gets preserved that wouldn't otherwise. That's the degree at which I value it, really.

Splatoon is my crown jewel of datamining and archival. I think it would be fair to say that of anyone that isn't an actual developer of the game, I know the most about Splatoon's development. I've poured days into researching and documenting countless things throughout the series, because very few others care to do so. I value those around me who also care deeply about researching the inner workings of Splatoon for the purposes of documentation and discovery.